In keeping with the ideas of Ronald Reagan, the United States must strive to follow his belief of "peace through strength". While I wish to limit Government spending in all areas, we must strive to maintain a strong military as a deterent to our adversaries on the global stage. In recent years, many citizens have forgotten the peril that can be brought upon us on a daily basis.

Burning American Flag


If nothing else is achieved by Congressional Hearings about the tragic Benghazi incident, hopefully all Americans will take notice to danger that we face because of Our freedoms. As for me, I support the search for truth upon which Congress is embarking. The people need to know that their government will keep them safe, whether in this country or abroad. This is especially true for those working overseas to protect our freedoms and the interests of the Country. I hope that these hearings will uncover the truth about the incident and any miscommunications or poor decisions within the Goverment. Just as the hearings after September 11th, the people need truth and the government needs to be made more efficent when threats are made against its citizens.

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National Security Agency (NSA) Spying on our Citizens

Conversely, the Government should not use the search for intelligence as a pretense to spy on private citizens. Since the Secret NSA and CIA data collection programs have been exposed in the last year, the Constitutional and Legal Ramifications have been well discussed in the media, and even among citizens during their day to day lives. While the direct questions of civil liberties and privacy violations are well understood by the general public, the most often overlooked topic when discussing the spying scandals is the internal affect it has on citizens. The secrecy that shrouded, and continues to shroud, the NSA Programs creates uncertainty and, to a certain extent, fear within the populous. As uncertainty grows, more speculation occurs about the nature, content, and scope of the data mining, which, in turn, leads to unanswerable questions or conspiracies. The best way to end the speculations is to end the programs, and give the citizens back their privacy. Perhaps, even, their peace of mind.

Israel Flag

Israel: Our Friend and Ally

As our number one friend and ally in the Middle East region (and one of our greatest allies in the world), Israel needs our full support. From supporting critical programs like Iron Dome, to continuing to advocate for stronger sanctions against Iran to supporting bipartisan pieces of legislation such as the United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act to advocating that we finally move our embassy to Jerusalem--Israel's undivided capital city--I will lead the fight to preserve and strengthen our relationship with the State of Israel.