About Nancy Hoyt

Here are some highlights of Nancy's Career:


Certification in Infection Control, C.I.C     1983-2018


Professional Experience


Infection Control Officer for the Maryland Institute of EMS Services (MIEMSS)     1976-1989

Primary responsibilities included the oversight of both the R. Adams Cowley, M.D. Shocktrauma Critical Care Units and inpatient specialty care units at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) and the Statewide EMS Services. The Field Services Division of MIEMSS was separated from UMMC in 1991. Nancy received awards for “For her time, leadership, and expertise in developing infection control guidelines for prehospital care providers” from the Emergency Medical Services Council of MIEMSS. This was for the development of the educational program “AIDS: A Guide for EMS”. While she was at MIEMSS, Nancy used her skills as an epidemiologist and a clinical research associate to investigate healthcare-associated infections and infection risks among critically ill and emergency medical patients. As a result she was the author or co-author of 8 book chapters in medical and nursing textbooks, 16 original articles in medical and nursing journals, and 25 clincial research papers presented at both national and international medical meetings.

Maryland Department Health and Mental Hygiene, Division Chief, Sexually Tranmitted Disease (STD) surveillance and HIV Partner Counseling and Referral Services.     1999-2002

Some of the responsibilities included: administrative and fiscal management the Division; Multi-million federal grant procurement and awarding and oversight of Unified Grant Awards to Local Health Departments, directing epidemiologic investigations, developing collaborative partnerships with other State agencies and Departments, and community based organizations; development of education and training programs.Principle Investigator and procurement grant writer for major federally funded public health initiatives including: control of syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia; Syphilis Elimination Projects, Infertility Prevention through participation in the Region III Chlamydia projects, and HIV Partner Counseling and Referral Services.

Information Technology (IT)

KiyoInc    President, sole owner Severna Park, Maryland     1995-present

As a well experienced Infection Preventionist, Nancy Hoyt has developed specialized infection control programs in a variety of clinical settings. These settings have ranged from critical care and emergency medical services to ambulatory surgical centers and free-standing clinics. Programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of the patient populations served by our clients. Needs-assessments are based upon the type of patient care provided by the client, the characteristics of the patient populations, the physical environment of the facility, level of education of the facility staff, mechanisms to monitor and analyze the quality of care, the identification of infection risk and hazards to patient and staff, and compliance with all federal, state, and industry accreditation agencies' laws and regulations. As an independent consultant, Nancy Hoyt offers clients short and long term infection control solutions. Assignments included site review, data analysis, education and training, and working with all levels in the organization. Programmatic assessments included the evaluation of existing policies and procedures to assure compliance with State and federal law and regulation, integration of ever-evolving healthcare standards of care, and innovations in clinical practice guidelines. She has developed in-house infection surveillance mechanisms based upon the information technology system used by the organization. These surveillance systems incorporate clinical baselines and triggers that can alert clients and staff to the identification and development of infection risks, identify outbreaks, and establish epidemiologic baselines within their patient population. Nancy Hoyt has applied principles and practice of epidemiology to a variety of non-healthcare situations to identify emergent problems and patterns of behavior amongst the populace and real social networking patterns within community settings. She is trained in Geographic Information Surveillance (GIS) as a programmer, analyst, and cartographer. Nancy Hoyt has applied her skill and knowledge of text-analytics, data mining, and pattern recognition in a variety of non-healthcare projects in both private industry and Federal agencies. She has utilized her domain expertise to design interactive websites for ecommerce, education & training, and evaluation of quality assurance measures with an organization. Over the course of Nancy Hoyt's career she has prepared and given testimony for or against various Legislative and Regulatory Healthcare initiatives on behalf of a variety of public agencies and private sector healthcare professionals and business organizations.

H & H Research:Co-Owner, Alexandria, VA,     1983-1993

Nancy Hoyt was the primary epidemiologist, applications designer, and data analyst.

Here are some of her projects:

Fashion and Texile Industries

Kiyo Design, inc      Owner,       Annapolis, MD      1995 - 2003

Developed a niche market, specialty sewing brick-and-mortar retail fabric and mail-order store. This business provided supplies and technical support to those who have interests or professions in couture dressmaking, heirloom sewing, smocking, doll costuming, ecclesiastical embroidery, period and historic costuming, fine hand sewing, and model ship rigging. As the owner, her responsibilities included technical expertise, designing advertising and marketing strategies, client database development, identifying and developing procurement contracts for both imported and domestic goods and services. Following the 2001 9/11 attacks, this business was adversely impacted due to the direct destruction of the World Trade Centers and the consequences of the attacks on businesses in New York City and upper New Jersey. This brick and mortar enterprise ended in September 2003 due to the physical damage caused by hurricane Isabel, however, Kiyo Design is still operating on a limited basis designing and producing Christening gowns, children's, garments, and specialty sewing clients on an appointment only basis. The business is presently being converted to an e-commerce entity under the name of “Sew Fine Fabrics”