Cory Kiyoshi Hamasaki    1946-2010

Cory Kiyoshi Hamasaki was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and was a 1964 graduate of the Iolani School. As a software engineer with advanced degrees in Chemistry and Computer Sciences from George Washington University, Cory Hamasaki worked in and around the Washington. D.C. metro area for many government agencies and private companies for almost 40 years.

In the late 1990s, he founded the DC Weather Report which predicted the economic unwinding and troubled times that followed the stock market crash on January 14, 2000. The W-RP Yahoo discussion group is an adjunct to the Weather Report which offers people discussions on life, the economy, the world and technical issues. Suitable topics included preparedness, community, sharing news items, suggestions for surviving and prospering during the economic unwinding, as well as issues concerning computer programming, consulting, contracting, and preparing for exceptional events. Cory's commentaries were noted for their humor, insight, irony, parody, and information on all aspects of life and self sufficiency.

Cory Hamasaki had a passionate and patriotic love for his country and the principles of the free enterprise system upon which our country was founded. He was a member of the Foundation for Amateur Radio - MD, D.C, VA Chapter. and enjoyed attending local Hamfests. His other interests included the joy of comic books, science fiction, history, dinosaurs, hand-craftsmanship, and the beauty of nature. Cory Hamasaki was best known for his generous heart, kind and gentle compassion for all, positive outlook on life, and his belief that we all have a responsibility to “pay-it-forward”.